So Much Pain

Despite the lack of activity here on the site, I've actually been working hard. In addition to some new School Streets, I've also made an important decision. From here on out I'll be redrawing each page of The Comic. I've just completed the first of these finished pages, and I'm pretty happy with it. I call this page So Much Pain. somuchpain-50percent

I think I've also finally decided on a title for The Comic. I'm tentatively calling it Sideburns.

The rationale for redrawing everything is basically that that was the original plan to begin with. See, when I first started out drawing Sideburns I hadn't done any drawing in a very long time, so I was quite rusty. Over time my skills have gradually returned, and now I feel I can do a much better job of it and keep things a lot more consistent.

Another big reason for redrawing everything is that, thus far, I've been doing all the drawings in a sketchpad. Originally I thought this would be fine, but it's made all the drawings very cramped and difficult for me to draw. Redrawing everything on full-sized bristol has yielded better drawings and made the experience much more enjoyable.

So where are all these new drawings? Well, so far I've been concentrating on pencils, so I haven't had much to show. But I've been chomping at the bit to ink something, so I went ahead and did this one. It's a one-page that stands on its own outside the main storyline, but I hope to integrate it somehow.

I'm really enjoying this new approach and I think it will make the work stronger. And with this plan in place I hope to be able to complete this book once and for all.